6 people in the MSP industry who deserve a bit of kudos

I've recently spent some time with a few people in the MSP ecosystem who are doing a really great job. I thought I'd pull them together in a list to give them a bit of kudos maybe even instigate a few connections.

If you know someone who deserves a bit of kudos and you'd like me to write about them in my next "kudos" post, drop me a line at msp-x.com.

1. Tracy Pound

Reason - Lifelong Contribution to the IT Services Industry

Tracy is one of those people who has been absolutely pivotal to the growth of a whole industry, but is totally chilled out and humble about it. I sat down with Tracy recently at CompTIA EMEACon and was fascinated to learn about her journey.

Tracy is the Chair of the Board of Directors at CompTIA for good reason. Not only is she an effortless and highly competent leader, she also played a key role in developing an IT training curriculum back in the day that evolved into the CompTIA IT training and certification scheme we all recognise so well today. She also runs her own successful IT services and consultancy business - Maximity. I think what Tracy has achieved is absolutely epic and she's an inspiration to us all.

You can connect with Tracy here.

You can check out CompTIA here.

2. Benjamin Franklin - Technical Director at Blue Screen IT

Reason - Supporting Military Veterans and Unemployed People to Build Careers in CyberSecurity

On top of his day job as CTO at Bluescreen IT, Benjamin also invests a lot of his time and energy in supporting veterans to retrain/upskill into cybersecurity roles in civilian life. As someone who has a lot of friends formerly in the military, I know that readjusting to live as a civilian isn't always straight forward. Benjamin definitely deserves recognition for his continued efforts to make the military/civilian transition easier.

Connect with Ben here.

You can check out Ben's Digital Bootcamps here.

3. Richard Tubb

Reason - Consistently Awesome Content and Being a Very Good Bloke

It's easy to think that industry legends don't need a nod of appreciation every now and then, because their level of awesomeness is obvious for everyone to see. However, i'm going to give Richard some kudos anyway because he definitely deserves it.

Richard is a key person of influence in the IT services sector. Not only does he have a knack for connecting people but he does it with incredible grace and without any expectation of something in return. Richards ability to produce high quality content that is super useful for anybody in the industry is prolific and admirable. Thanks Richard for being a keystone of our industry, please keep it up.

Connect with Richard here.

Check Richard's Tubblog website out here

4. Cole Knuth - VP International and CRO, UK at Pax8

Reason - Leading Pax8 into EMEA

The long awaited arrival of Pax8 to EMEA is well and truly underway. The marketplace driven distributor for MSPs is famous for its friendly and innovative approach to business. Moving that ethos across the Atlantic to launch Pax8 in multiple new regions was always going to be a challenge, but one they are tackling in style.

Cole and his "go team" of globalisation specialists are responsible for making it happen. He, along with his family and a small team of colleagues landed on our fair shores and promptly started getting sh*t done. In less than a year Pax8 are several hundred EMEA partners and 100 staff members stronger. I know many MSPs who will thank Cole for bringing the Pax8 brand to EMEA and doing it properly.

Connect with Cole here.

Check out Pax8 here.

5. Gradient MSP

Reason - Industry Trailblazer / Vendor to Watch

Colin is on the startup rampage once again. After founding, scaling and selling two companies already (Passportal and F12.net) he recently founded Gradient MSP to help MSPs keep their PSA's clean of dirty data.

Gradient looks like a really cool offering, is free for MSPs and in my opinion will be a vendor to watch over the next few years.

You can connect with Colin here.

Check out Gradient MSP here.

6. Mark Copeman - Founder at WiseCurve

Reason - Awesome Educational Content for MSPs and Vendors

Mark has got a knack for creating really useful, implementable tools that help MSPs with their business. His Helpdesk Habits programme was a huge success and he recently launched MSP Site Hub, an online curriculum that walks MSPs step by step through website essentials.

Mark is going from strength to strength with his offerings for the MSP industry. He's also a great person to know and work with.

Connect with Mark here.

Check out WiseCurve here.


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